17 September 2010

Our Front Yard

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We’ve decided that, for now, purchasing a television and signing up for a cable package isn’t necessary. We’re enjoying the view from our new place so much that there’s certainly no lack of entertainment! Right below us in the Olympic Sculpture Park, we’ve watched: Art classes, yoga classes and fitness […]

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30 April 2010

Seven Days, Four Seasons

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We’ve had ourselves some dramatic weather swings here in Yosemite, experiencing multiple seasons in a single 96-hour period. We arrived to a granite valley lit up by a bright and warm sun, followed by temperatures that cooled fairly significantly by the next morning. That by itself is pretty standard fare […]

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6 March 2010

McDowell Mountain RP for the Winter

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For two people who spent so many years living through cold, wet Northeast winters, we sure don’t operate that well when the mercury falls below fifty! We’ve been spending our winter here in Arizona, where we found a wonderful place called McDowell Mountain Regional Park, just outside of Fountain Hills, […]

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2 March 2010

Rainbow Over Our House

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McDowell Mountain Regional Park really has entertained these past weeks with its nightly light shows. The sun and clouds throw shadows on the mountains all day, every day. The occasional rain shower can make the scenery even more spectacular—the skies opening up for an hour or so and soaking the […]

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22 January 2010

Shelter in a Bathroom, the Sequel

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Last night sure was interesting. But before we write any more, it’s only appropriate to publicly thank our NOAA weather radio! What did you do last night? Well, as for us . . . we spent the better part of our night hunkered down in a campground bathroom here at […]

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17 November 2008

Hiking the Narrows

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Today we hiked the Narrows in Zion National Park. This hike is 90 percent in the river so you will be wet. We rented some water proof pants and river shoes and took a walking stick as we were told hiking it without these would be very difficult and since […]

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