16 March 2011

Sounders First Kick

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“I’m Sounders ‘til I die, I’m Sounders ‘til I die, I know I am, I’m sure I am, I’m Sounders ‘til I die . . .” We were invited to First-Kick by a friend of TJ’s whose seats landed us practically on the field with the players about 20 feet […]

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9 November 2010

At (New) Home, With a View

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With the decision made to move to Seattle and become stationary after two-and-a-half years of nomadic life, we began the hunt for an apartment. It seems strange that a place in downtown Seattle could prove more economical than living in our little trailer in a campground 35 minutes outside the […]

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17 September 2010

Our Front Yard

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We’ve decided that, for now, purchasing a television and signing up for a cable package isn’t necessary. We’re enjoying the view from our new place so much that there’s certainly no lack of entertainment! Right below us in the Olympic Sculpture Park, we’ve watched: Art classes, yoga classes and fitness […]

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2 September 2010

Photographing Our Future!

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So who knew that more than a year ago when  visiting Seattle,  we’d be walking right by and actually photographing our future! The low, white building behind the Serra sculpture is our current apartment building, and I can almost see our balcony! We took this photo in the sculpture park […]

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23 August 2009

Look Who the East Blew In

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We’re happy to report that we had our first human guest recently! To celebrate a milestone birthday, my mom left the friendly confines of New York to visit with us for a week. She arrived in Seattle, and the three of us spent the following two days touring a great […]

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