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24 June 2008

2 Months on the Road

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Today we are in Grand Teton National Park. We have been on the road for 2 months (though the first 3 weeks or so were visiting family, being fed and given a warm bed and feeling more like we were vacationing so not sure that really counts!) We are LOVING […]

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30 April 2008

Married Two Years!

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Today we’re only six days into our life-on-the-road. We’re visiting Aunt Sharon and John up in Freeville, NY before we head down the east coast. Today we walked their land with John and he schooled us on all the varieties of trees and told a few bear stories. Their home […]

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24 April 2008

Our First Night on the Road

We finally arrived at our first campsite – Yippie! We’re staying a couple days at Wildwood State Park in Wading River, NY to see some family before we head off down the road. We are excited and a bit overwhelmed with so much to learn and figure out! Tonight discovering […]

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13 March 2008

Health Insurance?

One of the big things on our list to figure out is Health Insurance. We’ve been talking to Chris and Cherie, two people we met online who are living the nomadic lifestyle and asking what they do (Technomadia). They have been really helpful with so many questions we have. After […]

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