17 September 2010

Our Front Yard

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We’ve decided that, for now, purchasing a television and signing up for a cable package isn’t necessary. We’re enjoying the view from our new place so much that there’s certainly no lack of entertainment! Right below us in the Olympic Sculpture Park, we’ve watched: Art classes, yoga classes and fitness […]

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13 June 2010

Exploring the Eastern Sierra

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On the ride out of Point Reyes, we began to discuss where our next stop would be—coast or mountains? After a quick check of road conditions, we decided to explore an area in the Eastern Sierra; many of the mountain roads were a little too snow covered last time we […]

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25 April 2010

Celebrating Two Years in Yosemite

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Words fail to truly capture just how amazing it is to pull around the corner and see Half Dome for the very first time! We’ve been reading so much John Muir this year—it really felt so “right” to enter the grand Yosemite Valley! After a longer-than-expected stay in Arizona’s McDowell […]

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