17 April 2010

Meeting Lonnie and Shari

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We’re still in McDowell Mountain Regional Park, and it’s long overdue that we tell you about a couple of characters we’ve gotten to know while here. We were incredibly excited about the particular campsite we snagged our first day here. It was one of the best sites in the entire […]

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4 April 2010

Happy Easter, Jackrabbit!

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Today’s Easter Sunday, and we spent our morning taking a long walk on the connecting trails here at McDowell Mountain where we’ve been staying for quite a while now. What a sight: we came to a curve on the path and right there—three adult black-tailed jackrabbits and a baby happily […]

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30 March 2010

Oh, Owl!

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Some of you may know by now that we’re really loving all-things-bird. More and more each day, we’re trying to spend time just quietly observing these wonderful creatures. Take a look at the notes we’ve made in one of our most prized possessions, the National Geographic Field Guide to the […]

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6 March 2010

McDowell Mountain RP for the Winter

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For two people who spent so many years living through cold, wet Northeast winters, we sure don’t operate that well when the mercury falls below fifty! We’ve been spending our winter here in Arizona, where we found a wonderful place called McDowell Mountain Regional Park, just outside of Fountain Hills, […]

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2 March 2010

Rainbow Over Our House

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McDowell Mountain Regional Park really has entertained these past weeks with its nightly light shows. The sun and clouds throw shadows on the mountains all day, every day. The occasional rain shower can make the scenery even more spectacular—the skies opening up for an hour or so and soaking the […]

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5 February 2010

Well Hello, Coyote

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Apparently, coyotes appreciate McDowell Mountain Regional Park as much as we do. We’ve been here for quite a bit now, and every single night the coyotes call out. They sometimes call to each other all night long, trying to find their respective packs. Startling at first, we find it beautiful […]

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