21 July 2008

Walking on a Glacier!

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Just heard from my friend Stacia in Brooklyn. She was out at the beach today while we were walking on a GLACIER! We’re here in Jasper National Park in Canada. As we walked on the Athabasca Glacier and watched the flow of water above and below the ice, we were […]

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15 July 2008

Hiking with Grizzlies

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We went on a great hike in Glacier National Park with a guy we met who was staying a few campsites away (Hey Jim!) Jim is on his own travel journey, he’s actually looking for a new town to call home and wants to move to Montana from Michigan. Since […]

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14 July 2008

Grizzlies a Bit Too Close

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Today I was in our campsite at Glacier National Park cleaning up from dinner and TJ had just walked over to the bathroom. Out of the corner of my eye I saw something brown moving and figured it was a deer so I tried to put away the last thing […]

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9 July 2008

Grizzly Preparation

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Even with all the camping I’ve done, I’m a bit hesitant about doing long hikes up in the mountains in Glacier National Park with all the grizzlies. Well if I’m a little concerned you can imagine how freaked TJ is having done very little camping in his life before the […]

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2 July 2008

Arriving at Glacier NP

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On a whim, I thought I’d enter the term “Going to the Sun” in the search section on the NY Times webpage since that’s the main road in Glacier National Park and we just arrived here. The road isn’t even open yet, snowed still piled high!. Stacey and I are […]

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