15 May 2010

How Do You Do, Fred

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We checked in yesterday afternoon here at Carmel’s Hyatt Highlands Inn, and we were up late last night enjoying ourselves as we alternated between deck looking over the ocean and fireplace just inside the door. Still, we made it a point to wake up bright and early this morning—want to […]

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29 April 2010

Sitting by the Fire

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“What on Earth is going on?!?” That’s what we were wondering while sitting by our campfire at the same moment that a Yosemite Fire Department firetruck, siren and lights on, began coming our way. We’ve made campfires that dwarf the one we had going now. Never found out what they […]

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24 April 2010

Two Years on the Road!

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Today marks two years to the day that we pulled away from New York. We left on April 24, 2008, and decided to create a life of travel. We bought a small travel trailer and a truck to tow our new home-on-wheels! We’ve been living and working on the road […]

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20 April 2010

WordPress, Kicking Our Asses

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Turns out isn’t nearly as simple as we had hoped! I mean we’re smart people, how difficult could it be? We even bought a step-by-step guide, complete with idiot-proof instructions on the accompanying DVD! But really! What have we gotten ourselves into? Perhaps we should have opted for the […]

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17 April 2010

Meeting Lonnie and Shari

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We’re still in McDowell Mountain Regional Park, and it’s long overdue that we tell you about a couple of characters we’ve gotten to know while here. We were incredibly excited about the particular campsite we snagged our first day here. It was one of the best sites in the entire […]

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14 April 2010

We All Have Our Quirks

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We all have little quirky behaviors. But until you spend two years with someone almost 24/7 in 80 square feet, you don’t always notice these things. For instance: before we came out on the road, I never knew that when TJ gets really stressed out, he has this quirky little […]

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22 February 2010

I Don’t Fit in My House

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I like to consider myself a fairly intelligent guy. In fact, ask anyone who knows me well, and they’ll tell you that I can spend way too much time researching things to death! So tell me again how it is that I don’t fit in my own house . . […]

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29 January 2010

What’s the Deal With RV Names?

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Since we pulled away from Cold Spring, there’s not been a single day when we haven’t had at least one terrific laugh. And we’ve long since lost track of the number of “head shaking” moments. Traveling throughout the country and staying in park after park, one thing never fails to […]

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28 September 2009

Post Office or Mailbox?

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Here we are, camped along the Columbia River in southern Oregon at Ainsworth State Park. Ainsworth is on the eastern end of historic Highway 30—an old road dotted with numerous waterfalls, including Multnomah Falls, which is just a few minutes west of us. We haven’t requested our mail in a […]

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1 August 2009

Joyce Daze!

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Camped here on the Olympic Peninsula, we’ve decided to check out some local color. We’re here during Joyce Daze Wild Blackberry Festival in—you guessed it!— Joyce, Washington. We were definitely up for a celebration of all-things-Joyce and all-things-blackberry. Our home this week is the Salt Creek Recreation Area, which is […]

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