14 June 2010

Over Tioga and Through Yosemite

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We’ve known for a few days now that we’d be heading to the family reunion in Denver via the California Zephyr, but it wasn’t until late last night that we decided to take a different route to get us closer to Sacramento, opting to make an entire day out of […]

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13 June 2010

Exploring the Eastern Sierra

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On the ride out of Point Reyes, we began to discuss where our next stop would be—coast or mountains? After a quick check of road conditions, we decided to explore an area in the Eastern Sierra; many of the mountain roads were a little too snow covered last time we […]

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16 May 2010

Had Ourselves a “Hoot!” Today

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We just finished hiking the perimeter of Point Lobos State Reserve and were headed back to our truck when I decided it would be a good idea to look at the park’s trail map one last time before leaving. I spotted another trail several yards beyond the map stand and […]

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10 May 2010

A Land of Giants

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There’s no question that Yosemite deserves its classification as one of the true gems in the National Parks System, and driving away from it, we both commented on how we’d be surprised to see anything nearly as magnificent any time soon. Thankfully, we were wrong. We were so close (“close” […]

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6 May 2010

A Perfect Morning with Cows

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When we left Yosemite several days ago, we had a decision to make: head toward the coast and our beloved ocean, or stay in the general vicinity in order to visit Sequoia-Kings Canyon. We figured we couldn’t go wrong either way. After a quick check of the forecast, we decided […]

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1 May 2010

So Long, Yosemite

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Time’s up for us here in Yosemite—but only for now. We’ll meet again. Honestly, what can be said of all the splendor here that hasn’t already been uttered? John Muir put it best: It is by far the grandest of all the special temples of Nature I was ever permitted […]

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30 April 2010

Seven Days, Four Seasons

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We’ve had ourselves some dramatic weather swings here in Yosemite, experiencing multiple seasons in a single 96-hour period. We arrived to a granite valley lit up by a bright and warm sun, followed by temperatures that cooled fairly significantly by the next morning. That by itself is pretty standard fare […]

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29 April 2010

Sitting by the Fire

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“What on Earth is going on?!?” That’s what we were wondering while sitting by our campfire at the same moment that a Yosemite Fire Department firetruck, siren and lights on, began coming our way. We’ve made campfires that dwarf the one we had going now. Never found out what they […]

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28 April 2010

Ahwahnee Hotel

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A steady rain mixed with hail and our seriously sore muscles gave us a chance to check out Yosemite’s famous Ahwahnee Hotel, and are we ever glad we did. It’s absolutely gorgeous, and we spent the better part of the late afternoon and early evening sitting by one of its […]

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26 April 2010

Hiking Vernal & Nevada Falls

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What a day! Two years and two days into this lifestyle . . . and nothing could have prepared us for the sights and sounds we experienced today. We woke to some gloriously blue skies this morning and knew right away that we’d be spending as many hours as possible […]

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