Big Bend National Park


big-bend-np-patchThe river, the desert, the mountains, and two nations converge at Big Bend National Park. It’s a vast and diverse park with the Rio Grande at it’s southern border with Mexico. Big Bend refers to the u-turn the Rio Grande makes. The Rio Grande is a green oasis that cuts across the desert. This park heightened our interest in bird watching with its over 450 species of birds. To see all of the birds that inhabit the U.S., you must come here to the Chisos Mountains where many birds nest after wintering in Mexico like the Colima warbler. You also might see jackrabbits with their huge ears, javalinas, mounatin lions, roadrunners, golden eagles, kangaroo rats and long-nose bats. This park is overlooked by many and those who overlook Big Bend, miss much.

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