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My love of nature and camping began at a very young age. My mom used to take me and my sister camping in Missouri. She taught us everything: how to build a fire, how to cook over a campfire, how to make a lean-to, how to interact with nature and to respect all living things. It was an incredible introduction that took me full-circle to living in campgrounds and traveling full-time! Most significantly, my mom modeled an independent woman who used creativity to solve problems and fulfill our needs as a family. She taught us to serve others and in that service, our own spirits would be filled. She imparted the value in being adventurous and joyful which will always be with me.

I was born in St.Louis, raised in Missouri and Texas, went to college at Hampshire College in Massachusetts and School of Visual Arts in New York. I started a graphic design studio with a friend in New York City at age 24 and grew the business for eleven years.

Though I lived in New York City and ran a design studio in midtown Manhattan, I made sure to get out into nature enjoying hiking, mountain biking, rafting, snowboarding, skydiving, swimming, beach strolling and walking Central Park. For short trips, I took off to Fire Island, the Adirondacks, and up to Maine’s Acadia. On longer jaunts, traveling to: France, Italy, Spain, England, India, Turkey, Greece, Crete, Mexico, US Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands, Turks & Caicos, Jamaica . . . and there’s surely more to come.

I’m pursuing my interests in design, photography, writing, art, spirit, travel, nature, social justice, joy-making, and living simply.


Born and raised in the Bronx, New York, my love for the outdoors started at an early age . . . but it was the “urban outdoors” that first drew me in. The blacktop basketball courts of the local playground and the dirt diamond surrounded by some grass that constituted the neighborhood Little League field—these were the places where I spent my youth. Funny how I still occasionally catch myself calling that local playground a “park” all these years later; it wasn’t until my mid-twenties when I really understood that a “park” has grass, trees and perhaps a natural source of water.

All of my formal schooling took place within Roman Catholic institutions in the Bronx, and after attending Fordham University, I worked my first “real job” at a mega real estate firm minutes away from our home in midtown Manhattan.

I was 23 years old before I experienced my first camping trip—Stacey and I driving up the coast of Maine to spend a week in Acadia National Park. That experience changed something within me . . . made me need the comforts of Nature more and more often. Since then, spirituality has replaced traditional religion, and I’m grateful for having replaced the chase for what society at-large deems “success”
with a simpler, more balanced and more appreciative approach to everyday life.

Politics, art, photography and sports are some of the subjects I most enjoy. Travel, exploration and the natural world were late to the party . . . but now that they’ve arrived, they’ll be the very last ones to leave.

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