Other Nomads

Here’s a list of other nomads we follow. We love that this community is continuing to grow each day!

NuRVers — A community built for the next wave of RVers. The NüRVer breaks the mold of the traditional stereotype of RVers, and sets out on the road to fun and adventure in a slightly different way. Many of us have found Nü and inventive ways of making a living while living our adventure.

Technomadia — Technomads: Chris and Cherie. Living at the intersection of Epic & Awesome – traveling, living, working and playing full-time in a small solar powered RV, embracing nomadic serendipity.

Tao of Long — Follow Chris, Becky, and little Nora as they travel around the country in a class A RV.

The Organic Sister — We’re a family of three, currently living full-time on the road out of our 22-foot greened-out Winnebago. I blog about living “beyond green”, mindful parenting, and the adventures of living simply

The Rainbow Chasers — We are “50-something” baby-boomers who decided to ditch our high-stress jobs, retire early, do some traveling and have some fun while we are still healthy enough to go for long hikes in beautiful places.

Live Collar Free — Thousands of us are living our dreams by doing things we actually enjoy, instead of a 9 to 5 “regular job” if we even have a job at all. We are out there going by many names: Digital Nomads, Location Independent Professionals (LIP), Technomads and many others. You’ll meet many of us here.

Happy Janssens — We are the “Happy Janssens”…Matt, Sara, Bella (6), and Lucy (1). We started traveling in September 2007, when we embarked on the Live Lightly Tour. For 18 months, we traveled the country (powered by straight vegetable oil), met new friends, educated others about living sustainably and fell in love with our beautiful country.

The Yakaitis Family — What is it that makes a family decide to rent out their newly built dream home to strangers, pack all of their belongings into storage and live for a year traveling across the country crammed into a fifth wheel camper?  …Twice.

The ZenNomads — Sam and Tracy: Two wanderers in search of enlightenment.

Intense Lives — Some would call us unschoolers, vegetarians, modern day hippies. We just see ourselves as people living life in the flow.

Business Backpacker — A Community for Digital Nomads and Vagabond Entrepreneurs.

We Go Far — A pair of semi-geeks who’ve decided to take a break from “normal” life.

The Trouser Rollers — In 2000 we screwed up our courage, covered our eyes, and leapt into the cruising life. We disposed of our belongings and moved into Callipugia, a Tavana 37′ cutter-rigged sailboat. In 2004, after 7,500 miles cruising to eighteen countries, we swallowed the hook and took up RV’ing.

The Pixel Diaries — A photographer and graphic designer with a passion for anything involving pixels, nature, adventure and flying horses.

Tacky Texans — A young married couple gearing up to live in an RV and travel full time in a year. Our dog Pumkin will be accompanying us on the journey, and we couldn’t be more excited! We’re passionate about tiny living, food as medicine, intentional living, and hobbies for fun.

Live Work Dream — Have you ever considered taking a long sabbatical to really explore what you want to be when you grow up?

Our Take on Freedom — We are a young, married couple at the beginning of a unique and exciting journey in lifestyle design, at only 24 years old

The Elkhart ProjectFor the last 13 years the Orchards have lived aboard their 38-foot “Dutch Star” motor home, crisscrossing the nation, staying in group camps and national parks from the Pacific Northwest to Maine.

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