About Us

A life of travel—something we’d been dreaming of and discussing for years. Shortly after we were
married on the island of St. John, our talks grew more frequent. In 2007 we traveled throughout
India on a two-month adventure that took us to nearly all corners of the country. Soon after our
return, we decided to pursue a new, nomadic life—the next months spent planning, researching,
and speaking with others who had already created their own mobile lives.

We introduced ourselves to the very interesting world of “the RV show,” eventually falling in love with
a small travel trailer called “Tada”! (a perfect name as this crazy idea seemed like quite the feat)!
Living in New York City, we didn’t own a vehicle and now needed one to tow our new home-on-wheels;
we chose a Honda Ridgeline. With our new pick-up truck and trailer in tow, these city kids were ready
to hit the road!

On April 24, 2008, we waved good-bye to New York and embarked on our new life of full-time travel.
We spent two and a half years living and working on the road—we loved it! As of June 2010, we’d stayed
in and explored 26 national parks and so many other amazing places. We are grateful for having taken
the risk to let go of the status quo and live a more simple and mobile lifestyle.

After living this nomadic lifestyle for two plus years, we’ve learned that our life will always involve travel.
More importantly, it will always involve choice and flexibility. We may again choose to live in campgrounds
throughout North America, or we may choose to be stationary. Perhaps we’ll discover some interesting
work and choose to live for an extended time in a particular area, venturing out from there. Or, maybe
we’ll decide to travel the world living a global nomadic life.

The reality is that everything is flexible and temporary; our life together is about making choices that suit
our interests and needs for any given moment. It’s not about living in a trailer. It’s about the freedom
found in knowing that anything is possible. This has made our living experiment so wonderfully empowering.

Nothing’s permanent—life is a reflection of the choices we make in reaction to whatever should come our way.
For us, “Merrily Rolling Along” is just the latest proof that this is so.

So, what’s around the next bend in the road? Check in and find out.

Enjoy life!
Stacey + TJ

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