At (New) Home, With a View

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With the decision made to move to Seattle and become stationary after two-and-a-half years of nomadic life, we began the hunt for an apartment. It seems strange that a place in downtown Seattle could prove more economical than living in our little trailer in a campground 35 minutes outside the city. But considering commute-time, the cost of fuel and vehicle insurance, along with campground fees . . . turns out, it’s actually cheaper to live right in the middle of the city.

During our long stretch as nomads, living in state and national parks, we grew accustomed to waking to stunning, expansive views. We knew this would be a hard-get in the midst of an urban neighborhood, but we kept “expansive view” on our list of must-haves while searching for our new place.

I’d seen a number of places, and nothing fit our list of requirements: walking distance to TJ’s new job, costs within our defined budget, nice property, and (most important) the expansive view! After touring a dark, dingy unit in a building across from the Seattle Art Museum’s Olympic Sculpture Park, I sat in the park to have some lunch and review the other options we’d found in different properties. I sat there thinking, “This is it! It’s right here . . . this is what I want, a view like this!” Right from the sculpture park are views over the Puget Sound out to the Olympic Mountain range on the Olympic Peninsula. I turned around and immediately made the connection:  the building I had just exited was literally across the street. But, as I was told earlier, the only available apartments were alley-facing on the back side—dark and dingy.

I finished lunch with the feeling I should go back into the same building to ask again if there were any availabilities that faced the water . . . the ones that had the balconies. I almost talked myself out of it, thinking it foolish considering I was just there and shown only back-of-the-building places. Something kept pushing me to go back and ask again though. So, that’s exactly what I did. While the same leasing agent from earlier was telling me, “nothing else is available,” another agent entered and asked, “What are you looking for?” “Something with a view,” I replied. She answered, “You’re in luck, I just got notice that someone is vacating a Sound-facing unit.”

SERENDIPITY strikes again!

I followed my heart and listened to my instincts. We hit everything on our list! Our new place is a studio with bedroom alcove that most people would consider “small.” For us, having lived in an 80-sf travel trailer since early 2008, it’s CAVERNOUS.

When we moved in, our furniture consisted of camping table and a couple of camping chairs. We decided to buy a few pieces while trying to be creative in order to stay within a low budget. We aimed to still live very simply.

It wasn’t long before we parted with our faithful Ridgeline and T@DA, well on our way to becoming financially free. We know what works for us: living simply and below our means gives us more choice within our lives. It makes everything so much less stressful. Naturally, there’s the strangeness that’s come with being stationary again. We were fearful that “being off the road” would translate into a life of less choice. Fortunately, that’s been anything but our reality.

So, have a peek at our new abode, what we’ve named our “Beach Bungalow on the Sound.” Enjoy!

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