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On the ride out of Point Reyes, we began to discuss where our next stop would be—coast or mountains? After a quick check of road conditions, we decided to explore an area in the Eastern Sierra; many of the mountain roads were a little too snow covered last time we were nearby. Our research led us to Meadowcliff Lodge and RV Park off 395 in Coleville, CA.

If you’re ever headed this way, don’t pass up Highway 89—the vistas will blow you away! (see the view below). We’re in the midst of the Sierra, complete with farms, cows and horses all around. We find the “moo”-ing of the cows particularly funny, especially in the quiet stillness of the night. A few times now, we’ve woken up laughing.

Coleville has a population of 400; a church, school, post office and hair salon comprise the town. We thought this would be a one or two night stop so why are we still here two weeks later? That’s easy—the views and of course, the cows!

As we’ve done every morning we’ve been here, we sat outside with our coffee gazing up at the mountains. For the fourth morning in a row we spent some time discussing our latest vision—taking this nomadic life on the water. We’ve talked sailing for years now, and after more than two years of living on the road, it’s becoming less a dream and more a plan. As we were talking, our camping neighbors, J and Rose came over to chat.

Well, hello serendipity! Turns out this couple has been marine live-aboards on their 30′ sailboat for years! Within twenty minutes, they’d answered every question we could think of. Our chat with them left us with so much confidence and excitement that this could be our reality. Our sights remain set on the horizon!

Tomorrow, we’ll head back toward Sacramento via the just-opened Tioga Pass Road through Yosemite. We’ll store the Tada for a couple weeks while we make our way on the California Zephyr toward a family reunion in Denver. Stay tuned!

See more photos below and in our gallery.

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