Two Years on the Road!

April 24, 2010 · 0 comments

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Today marks two years to the day that we pulled away from New York. We left on April 24, 2008, and decided to create a life of travel. We bought a small travel trailer and a truck to tow our new home-on-wheels! We’ve been living and working on the road ever since and loving it!

As of writing this April 24, 2010, we’ve stayed in and explored 26 national parks, numerous state parks and many other natural wonders, including parks in Canada. We keep rolling along, grateful for having taken this risk to let go of the status quo and live more simply.

In our first few months, we:

  • Finally figured out the right way to dump after a couple messy tries at emptying the toilet . . .
  • Broke our trailer hitch!
  • Ran outside many nights from a dead sleep when the carbon monoxide alarm would go off . . . then convinced ourselves it was because we were breathing too much in this tiny space (oh, right that’s carbon dioxide!) Turned out to be a loose connection.
  • Came face-to-face with a grizzly bear!
  • Flooded the bathroom floor (more than once) not realizing the gray tank was full (oh, that’s what that red button means!)
  • Got stuck down dead end roads with no way to turn our trailer around. We’d curse, then sit and wait for someone to come along to tell us how to get out, finally realizing we could unhitch, turn our house around by hand, re-hitch, and be on our way . . .
  • Spent the night in a campground bathroom as a tornado passed over us, hoping it would leave our little house intact!

After so many challenges in those first few months, who’d have thought we’d keep on going instead of high-tailing it right back to NYC?

Maybe because we also experienced . . .

  • Sunrises and sunsets in new places;
  • The excitement of not knowing where we were going next and realizing it didn’t matter;
  • New and interesting wildlife outside our door each day;
  • The kindness of perfect strangers coming to our aid or just baking us some friendship bread;
  • Working on our laptops while looking out at the glorious view of mountains and flowering meadows, saying, “Wow, this is our office today!”;
  • Discovering that choosing to have less can be so much more!

And so we’re on our way to Yosemite National Park today to celebrate this anniversary, absolutely thrilled with this new life we’ve created for ourselves—a life of living simply on the road!

See more photos below and in our gallery.

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